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 Brian Ellerby's Sn3 Copper River & Yukon
I found these photos of the late Brian Ellerby's Sn3 Copper River & Yukon in a file drawer while we were removing his layout.  The photographer is unknown but whoever it was liked the #46.  The photos were all taken in the small mining community of Nighthawk.  Nighthawk was tucked into a canyon at the end of the Nighthawk Branch.  Brian based Nighthawk on the town of Burke, Idaho.  Burke was located at the end of a Union Pacific branch that ran into a mining district north of Wallace, Idaho.
Copper River & Yukon #46 switching the Nighthawk yard below the Yukon Copper ore bins
The Nighthawk Local, consisting mostly of empty ore cars, approaching Nigthawk from the south.  The oxide red ore cars were kitbashed from Athearn HO-Scale two bay hoppers.  The dark gray cars were scratch built using parts from Grandtline, styrene and brass.  The #46 is a brass P-B-L D&RGW C-21 with a new headlight.
The grade leading into Nighthawk was in excess of 3% and most trains required a helper. Here's #46 again, shoving on the rear of the Nighthawk Local.  Caboose 016 in a brass C&S Overland import.
The #46 has run up the main street of Nighthawk with a cut of loaded ore cars.  The ore bins were located on a switch back above and to the right of the locomotive.  The only way to access the ore bins was by running up through the center of town.  The turnout behind #46's tender led up the first leg of the switchback.  Most of the structures in Nighthawk were scratch built by Tom Beaton.  This portion of Brian's layout still exists in California and there are plans afoot to have it on permanent display at the California State Railway Mueseum in Sacramento.


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