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Steve's Sn3 Alaska Pacific
Southbound freight behind Copper River & Yukon #28 at Bison
Northbound oil train behind Alaska Pacific #30 between High Bridge and Bison
Oil train helper #35 between High Bridge and Bison
Alaska Pacific #43 southbound between Copper River and Bison
Ex C&S Alaska Pacific Caboose #309 has a new underframe built from Evergreen styrene with P-B-L caboose trucks.  The ore cars came off the late Brian Ellerby's Copper River & Yukon.  They were scratch built from styene, a few Grandtline parts, and are equipped with P-B-L heavy duty archbar trucks. 
Alaska Pacific #43 swithcing the Artic Oil Transfer at Alyeska
Alaska Pacific #30 southbound at High Bridge
The cannery at Whale Island (Port of Katalla)
Copper River & Yukon #35 working the pier at Whale Island (Port of Katalla)
Alaska Pacific helper at Glacier (Summit)

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