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New info added 0317/15


Special Note
The Precision Craft HO Scale S-2 has been cancelled and replaced with a Broadway Limited Hybrid production of the same model

Both closed and open vestibule version available with DCC and Sound.  If its anything like the recent UP 4-12-2, this will be a spectacular model!  If you had previously ordered  a Precision Craft version you need to call and re-confirm your order.

ISG Price $589.89 (MSRP $699.95)

Recent Arrivals

Wednesday May 06, 2015

HO Broadway LImited's final shipment of 2-8-0's - Great Northern, Union Pacific & Rio Grande

HO Accurail GN 41' steel gondola kit

HO Athearn Genesis GP38-2 BN "Pacific Pride"

HO Atlas "Classic" Milwaukee Road RS-1 - 2 Numbers, ISG Price $119.89 (MSRP $149.95)

N Atlas Alco S-2 Switchers (Sold out, all versions)


HO Broadway Limited Great Northern SW-7 with DCC and Sound, 2 Numbers -  ISG Price $189.89 (MSRP $229.98)

HO Athearn Dash 9-40CW - BNSF, Santa Fe, NS, and UP  ISG Price $99.89 (MSRP $119.98)


 HO Scale Bowser Executive Line BN/SP&S (BN Number on SP&S Paint) & Conrail Alco C-636's - Sound & Non-sound versions

HO Scale Bowser Executive Line C&NW C-628 One Only with DCC/Sound

 HO Scale Broadway Limited Hybrid Union Pacific 4-12-2 with DCC and Sound

N Scale Rapido 10-5 Sleepers - GN, NP, SP & Amtrak 

N Scale Rapido Cafe Lounge - GN, NP, SP & Amtrak

N Scale BNSF Executive Cars - Stevens Pass (Duplex Sleeper), Como (Coach) Big Horn Pass (10-5 Sleeper)

HO Scale Accurail Southern Pacific Offset Triple Hopper kit  3-Car Set

HO Scale Accurail  BN & D&RGW 4750 Covered Hopper Kits

HO Scale Accurail NP 40' plug door box, GN Combo Door 40' boxcar kit


N Scale Kato California Zephyr, Release #3

N Scale BCR Alco C-630, DC and DCC Versions

N Scale CB&Q and Rock Island F-3's

HO Scale Atlas NSC 50 Plug Door Box Car

HO Scale Atlas 25,000 Gallon General Purpose Tank Cars

Athearn HO Genesis Santa Fe FP-45 Re-stock -  "Super Fleet" #98 with DCC & Sound (Last 2)

Athearn HO Genesis "Tank Train" - Multiple versions


HO Scale Athearn Genesis F-45's, Sound & DCC Versions

N Scale Arnold/Hornby General Electric U-25C - Northern Pacific, Burlington Northern,


N Scale Kato Union Pacific FEF-3 #844 DC Version, First shipment went to pre-orders, more coming.  More DC Versions and DCC Versions due first part of January.  Lighted passenger car sets due early January. 

 2-car tender set in stock and excursion train in stock

HO Scale Athearn Genesis F-45's, Sound & DCC Versions

HO Scale Athearn Genesis GP-9's, Santa Fe "Topeka Cab", CN & CP - DCC and Sound Versions (Sold Out)

HO Scale Wheel of Time Wagner "Piggy Packer - Burlington Northern & Wagner $69.89 (MSRP $78.98)

HO Scale Rivarossi/Hornby Northern Pacific U-25C's - DCC/Sound Versions & DC Versions.  Limited.  More on the way!

HO Scale Intermountain 50' PS-1 Box Cars

HO Scale Mini-Metals Metro Vans

HO Scale Mini-Metals Delivery/Tow Trucks

HO Scale Accurail 4750 Covered Hopper Kit - Data Only Mineral Red & Data Only Gray

HO Scale Bowser Pennsy H30 Covered Hoppers

HO Scale Bowser Executive Line C-636 with Hi-Ad Trucks - BN, SP&S, Alco Demo, PC - DCC/Sound Versions and DC Versions - Very Limited, most versions sold out at Bowser

HO Atlas 8-40CW - BNSF - Sound/DCC ISG Price $219.89 (MSRP $259.95), DC Version $119.89 (MSRP $159.95)

HO Atlas 8-40C - CN - Sound/DCC ISG Price $219.89 (MSRP $259.95), DC Version $119.89 (MSRP $159.95)

HO Atlas HWY Coaches, SP&S or MILW  $57.89 (SP&S Version Sold Out)

N Kato Amtrak 40th Anniversary Set $174.89 (MSRP $215.00)

HO Accurail 4750 Covered Hopper Kit  - Santa Fe - All new tooling

HO Atlas 4650 Covered Hopper - Assorted road-names $31.89 (MSRP $37.95)

HO Broadway Limited Union Pacific MT-73 ISG Price $319.89 (MSRP $399.98)

HO Brass Great Northern/Northern Pacific Passenger Car Collection - 45 cars from W&R, Railway Classics, Challenger, Oriental, Soho and Precision Scale.  Prices range from about $150.00 for unpainted to around $350.00 for painted cars.  Most painted cars are excellent to mint.  All have original boxes.  Most are heavyweights

N Atlas Great Northern GP-35's

N Kato ES44AC BNSF "Swoosh" 2 new numbers $97.89 (MSRP $120.00)

HO Classic Metal Works "Mini Metals"

International Metro Vans - Taystee Bread, Charles Chips, Sealtest Milk and Jewell Tea


HO 41/46 Chevrolet Stake Bed Truck - Gulf Oil and Pioneer Corn                    Box Truck - Western Auto


N Kato Illinois Central Passenger Train - E Units, 6 car set, 4 car set
HO Athearn Genesis BNSF SD-70Mac - Non sound versions only $149.89 (only two left, sold out at Athearn)

HO Intermountain BN SD40-2 "White Face"  DCC & Sound.  $209.89  (Union Pacific, Santa Fe and others available.)

HO Rapido Leg Rest Coachs - Multiple numbers, GN, NP, SP

HO Accurail 3-Car NP Set $44.89

HO Athearn RTR Locomotives - GP-35's - $109.89


HO Athearn RTR Locomotives - GP-60M/B $109.89

HO Athearn RTR Locomotives - SD50/SD60(SD40E) $109.89



HO Bachmann  Spectrum 380-Ton Schnabel Car, Gray/Black  - $219.89 (MSRP $299.98)

Rapido HO Scale CN Gondola $43.89 (Six different Numbers)


HO Atlas 11,000 Gallon Tank Cars - Hooker Chemical, Tacoma, Union Texas Petroleum, Warren Petroleum, PSPX and Dupont

HO Atlas 50'6" Trainman Box Cars - BNSF, Bath & Hammondsport, Clarendon & Pittsford, Ashley Drew & Northern & NS

HO Athearn Genesis Tank Train - Both Versions Sold Out

HO Athearn BN/BNSF Coalporters 5-Packs (5 different Numbers) or Single Cars


HO Athearn ACF 2-Bay Covered Hopper - BN            HO Bowser 70 Ton Covered Hopper - Southern Pacific


HO BLMA 89' PTTX Flat Car - Multiple Car Numbers

Morning Sun Books - GN Through Passenger Service, Piggyback Color Guide1


N Scale Intermountain Expo 86 CN SD40-2

HO-Scale Broadway Limited Southern Pacific "Daylight" Cars - Parlor, Tavern, Coach/Baggage, Coach (2 Versions each)

HO-Scale Athearn NACC 8k "Beer Can" Tank Cars

HO-Scale Atlas Evans 52' Box Cars

All Scales - Kappler Re-stock (About  80%)